Cabinet Maker Chicago

Cabinet Maker Chicago

We Are One of the Top Rated Cabinet Makers in Chicago…See Why

Leading Cabinet Makers in Chicago, IL

Do you have a grand idea but need a local cabinet maker to bring your project to fruition?  Are you really good at designing up on a napkin but cannot get that napkin design to the next level?
We are here to help!
We are customer Cabinet Makers right here in Chicago.

Our dedicated staff can take the amazing napkin drawing concept to the next level and build it for you.  We offer a huge variety of finishes and hardware to finish off that perfect design. If you need specialized cabinet makers in the Chicago area, we are your team of experts. We offer many styling options and finish selections as well.

Finding the perfect cabinets to fit your space isn’t easy.  Especially if you are trying to fit your space with out of the box solutions.  That is why we became custom cabinet makers, trying to find something that has the right look, the right finish and fits in the space can seem impossible.  But, with our skills and knowledge, we can make cabinets that will be perfect for your space.

Custom Cabinet Makers Chicago

As skilled craftsmen we understand that design is important and having the right fit and feel with the appropriate accessories can make a big difference.  Things such as pull out cabinets for pots and pans can make getting around the kitchen easier. Ensuring there are proper storage solutions and function is just as  important as well as the design. Cabinets aren’t just about the look, but the functionality as well. After all, that’s what cabinets are designed for, storing things.  

We are cabinet makers based in Chicago.  We work with all areas of the city and it’s suburbs bringing our clients a custom unique product for their home.  If you are looking to increase the value of your home, custom cabinets are a great fit. Updating a bathroom or kitchen can bring a lot of perceived value to the home.  Or if you just want something you and your family can enjoy, we offer custom cabinetry for you as well. If you like the more traditional look, we can help!

Functional Custom Cabinets

Here at K Cabinet, we want to make your cabinets look great but, also be very functional.  We can custom create just about any type of cabinet from the kitchen, dining room and bathroom.  Are you looking for a unique piece for the bedroom or library? We can work with you on a custom cabinet of your choice.  If you would like built-in bookshelves with a reading nook, we can do that. Or an island in the kitchen where everyone can gather for meals on one side and the stove and sink are on the other, this is entirely possible.  We at K Cabinet believe if you can dream it, we can build it.

Our team of woodworking experts specializes in making only cabinet and cabinet like items.  This is a different level of woodworking than that of say a framer for a home. This skill takes time and years of learning to perfect.  We are proud to offer our woodworking services to all of the Chicago area!


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