Custom Cabinets Chicago

Custom Cabinets Chicago

Are You Looking for Custom Cabinets in Chicago?

Top Rated Custom Cabinets in Chicago

If you need cabinets in Chicago you have come to the right place.  We offer a unique selection of custom made cabinetry for the great people of Chicago.  Custom cabinets are just that, we make them from wood and materials. Our specialized carpenters are here to ensure the quality is top notch and the client’s requests are met.  We offer a wide selection of hardware as well as various finishes and door styles. We work hard to ensure you have a unique to the design that you will love. Picking out the perfect cabinet has never been easier.

We offer cabinets in a variety of styles, sizes, colors with various hardware. You will be in charge of what your space will turn out like.  We not only do cabinets for Chicago but offer our services to the surrounding areas as well. And, we work with all kinds of cabinets from kitchen islands, to entire kitchens, custom bookshelves and more.  

Your Design Choices:

We offer a huge selection of cabinet and drawer fronts to go with just about any style.  And, the finishes will make any cabinet look up to date. If you have an outdated kitchen and are looking for a fresh new look, we can help.   We love to help design and create the very best kitchen for your needs. We work all kinds of people and understand that no two kitchens are alike.  The needs of one family may not be the needs of the other and that’s okay. That’s why we have a design team ready to listen to what you are really needing.  

We are a Custom Cabinet Company located in Chicago.  And, we feel that doing one thing allows us to be the very best at what we do.  We work with only the cabinets and don’t offer appliances or countertops. This allows us to focus on one component and get really great at that one thing.  

Getting started with your project

We offer complimentary appointments to meet and discuss with our team what you are looking for, the scope of the project and the desired outcome.  If you have anything you’ve found that you like for your space, please bring that along. This can be images from social media, magazines or design websites that catch your eye.  This allows us to gather visuals or trends of things you enjoy. Simple things such as if you like lighter cabinets with darker countertops can come from these sort of images.  And, sometimes the client isn’t even aware of these subtle things. However, we are craftsmen and have become aware of these subtleties.

Once we have an idea we will then be happy to design up the idea using a computer.  This will give you a computer visual that will allow you to see the end products. If you have appliances and countertops being put in, we can put them into the drawing as well.  Once it is decided on what drawing to use, we will have you sign off on the drawings and will put your custom cabinet order into production.


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