1) Why K Cabinet ?
Not just a cabinet maker!At K Cabinet we like to build relationship with our customer from day even after completion because we know word of mouth and customer satisfaction is what drives our business. We want to be your go to cabinet people for all your future projects

2)How did you start in Cabinetry ?

It all started with My father, who he is a cabinet maker since the late 70’s. We grow up spending all summer time at his shop learning about cabinetry and woodwork, as time went by we grew older and realized the hard way that we did not enjoy work except in the cabinetry field.

3)Where do you get your lumber, supplies?

When it comes to lumber and hardwoods we source them from only EPA compliant millshops.

4)Do you install Cabinets we buy from you?

Yes, you can always count on us installing the cabinets we build .
If you have a contractor and they are installing the cabinets for you, we have no problem in offering help on “How to” install.

5)Are all custom cabinets expensive?

Yes & No, custom cabinets are always higher quality than standard stock cabinets, our cabinet pricing can fluctuate depending on how of a “furniture” look you need.

Kitchen cabinets

1) I have an idea of what I want but cant visualize it?
This is where we can assist you, we have been fortunate enough over the years that we were able to interpret customers needs and having the sense of freedom to come up with unique designs for your cabinetry.
Deliver to us what is in your mind and we will let our imagination take over .

2)I don’t want a boxy looking kitchen, can you help?

There is nothing worse than bunch of cupboards laid out like Lego. every kitchen we design and build is almost never the same , your kitchen should be the heart and soul of your house, your kitchen should be s a design feature and functional .

3) we are thinking of remodeling our kitchen, what should we do? Where do we start?

Kitchen remodels can be a lot of work.and coordination, before you start you should have at least a general plan on what you want your kitchen to look like;
Your kitchen cabinet layout is the most important part of the remodel becasue it concludes where plumbimg, electric HVAC lines go. We will make a layout for and you should check to see if there is anything that will stop you from rerouting service lines worh correspondence to.the new layout .
After the new cabinetry layout is possible and doable, now the fun starts where all the contractors involved in the project should recieve a copy of the new layout to do thier work.
Coordination and cooperation is key to this remodel!

4) My Kitchen has some wear and tear after years of use, what can you do?

Part of our philosophy is to be your cabinetry shop for the long term and we are happy to provide you with service and maintenance for a small fee.

5) My Kitchen has weird dimensions and elevations,

This is where custom cabinetry comes in place, no matter the size or the floorplan we can always cater to what you have. Build to fit!

Custom cabinets

1) What is your cabinetry style?
Our cabinetry styles and options are limitless as we build our cabinets according to what you require , Transitional, Contemporary, Mid Century modern, Rustic, Ornate.

2) Can you replicate a cabinet that I saw online?

Yes we can, bring us what you saw and will come up with a plan to build for you

3) Can I add different colors and mix wood species in my cabinets ?

This is the beauty of our cabinetry is you should be able to tell that its bought from a big box store , Having more than one color will certainly add character to the cabinet and make it unique .