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Cabinet Door Styles

K Cabinet offers a wide selection of various door styles. The cabinet doors are the most important aspect of your cabinets, next to the layout of course. As the doors are the most seen. And, the door style can make the cabinet have a completely different look. For example, a rustic style door can give it that cabin sort of feel, while a sleek door with a white finish can be more modern.

And, take into consideration not just the style of the door but the colors as well. We offer a huge selection of various color options to choose from. Do you like dark cabinets with light counters or light cabinets with dark counters? This is important to understand, as everyone is different and that’s why there are so many styles and color options to choose from. Our K Cabinets are made to be customizable not just by layout but by look as well.

Start by narrowing it down. Do you like a lot of lines and detailing in the door? And, should all the doors by solid, or we offer some open concept doors as well. To not have everything on display, solid doors are the best choice, however, some people like to display their collection of dish-ware or barware, which is why we offer open style doors as well.

The decision of the door style is an important one. This is what people first notice when they walk into the room. Cabinets typically make up the majority of a kitchen and having that perfect door style can make a world of difference. If you are not sure, take a look around on the internet and find kitchen concepts that you like. Put together a folder of these ideas and see what the common look is.

Crown Molding and Trim

Crown molding and trim can be a great accent for the cabinets to really give it the special flare. Most interior designers use crown molding to smooth out the transition from the wall to the ceiling and it can really give it a very finished look. The size of the crown molding varies by the look and feel that is to be desired. One thing that should be considered is not to get the cabinets too busy. Crown molding is simply decorative. However, it does certainly add that extra touch of elegance to any cabinet installation.

We offer a huge selection of crown molding to choose from. These can also be finished in all the finishes you see on our door page to match any of the doors we offer. We also have a selection of baseboards to choose from as well. This furthers our line of products to ensure every aspect is customizable. Again, if you are not sure what look you are going for or even like, start looking around and create a folder for the kitchens that catch your eye. And, make an appointment. We have staff that designs and installs kitchens all day, every day and they can help you get the look and feel that will be perfect for your space.

When looking for the perfect kitchens, save things that catch your eye, even simple things. Crown molding is a very simple thing with a very large impact. So, if you see one that has the perfect crown molding or the perfect door front, save them, and we can take a look and combine them into what will work for you!

Cabinet Finishes

Our cabinet line up is made for customization and that’s why we offer various finishes to choose from as well. If you are looking to get new cabinets and aren’t sure where to start, we can help. We always suggest to first start looking around at kitchens online, in magazines, wherever you prefer and save the ones you like in a folder of some kind. This will allow you to look back on them and also use them to show us. The cabinet doors are important as they are the most seen on the cabinets. So, the design is important, but also another very important feature is the color. And, some designs with certain colors can have a totally different look and feel, so be sure to ask if you are having troubles visualizing it. We are here to help.

Our cabinet lines are some of the best on the market and are made right here in Chicago. Buy the best! Support the locals and be proud of your new custom cabinets from K-Cabinet. Our finishes are made to stand the test of time, as the cabinets will, so should the finishes. We have them coated for easy cleaning and the options are solid, stain, glaze, vintage, and distress as finish options. Building these options from the color to the wood type and door design will make your cabinets custom to just you. That’s why we offer so many selections to allow our clients to find just what they have always wanted.

Wood Type

We work with 10 types of wood. There are different characteristics to each of the wood types. These types are Walnut, White Oak, Maple, Birch, Red Oak, Cherry, Lyptus, Knotty Alder, Hickory, and Pine. And, the different woods offer a different level of durability. So, if you have a look that you like with the various grains but not sure if it will hold up under the use you plan on, ask. We have been in the cabinet making business for 30 years and we understand wood. Keep in mind, we don’t just make kitchen and bathroom cabinets but offer cabinets for the entire home. If you are needing a custom made piece of furniture, we can help with that as well.
Offering these various types of wood for the cabinet making industry allows us to offer the different wood grain looks. For example, Knotty Alder is a great wood for a rustic look, the knots give the cabinets character and also is great for some of our decorative furniture pieces as well. Lyptus is another wood we offer and we love the fact that this tree can grow to maturity in about 15 years. This is so much faster than the standard 50 years, so they are sustainable and better on the environment. If you are concerned about the environment and plan to use a dark stain or solid paint this is a great option.

Wood Cabinet Durability

Birch is another option we offer, which lends itself well to any type of stain or other finish and it can be made to take the look of other wood. Red Oak isn’t as popular as some of the other wood, and it doesn’t take to a weathered look well, but White Oak will. White Oak looks great with stain and can be blasted for a weathered look. And, walnut looks best with just a clear coat as it has amazing grains and a beautiful natural color.

Finding the right wood to finish combination can be a daunting task. This is why we offer our input on the site as to what each wood is good for. Each wood has a level of density and durability as well as the look that will either take to stain or should be left for another finish type. When choosing your wood, be sure to take into account how much wear it will get. For example, kitchen cabinets will not get the wear of a fireplace mantel or shelf.

At K Cabinet we offer a wide variety of custom made Cabinet doors and Drawer fronts. Nevertheless we also provide a huge selection of wood species and finishes to match your needs. Anything particular? Let us know.

custom kitchen cabinets
(S857) Clarity
custom oak kitchen cabinets
(S520) Babylon
dark kitchen cabinets
(S104) Livingston
Loyola finish
(S419) Loyola
Proximity style
(S109) Proximity
Barrington cabinet face
(S592) Barrington
(S180) Griffin
kitchen cabinet makers in chicago
(S905) Merit
custom cabinets near me
(S136) Tamarisk
custom kitchen cabinets
(S370) Geneva
Metropolitan cabinets
(S656) Metropolitan
Hastings cabinet face
(S320) Hastings
Catalina cabinets
(S127) Catalina
New cabinets chicago
(S629) New
cabinet styles
(S222) Saybrook
(S277) Harvest
Bliss cabinets
(S140) Bliss
craftsman cabinets
(S 396)
4 Lites cabinet front
(S741) LP111 - 4 Lites
7 Lites cabinet face
(S782) LP112 - 7 Lites
cut out cabinets chicago
(S733) LP114 - 12 Lites

Choosing the right wood type for your taste, environment and lifestyle is one of the most important aspects of your cabinetry.  See all the wood types we offer.

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