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Best Cabinets Chicago

We offer the best cabinets in Chicago and if you don’t believe us take a look around.  We have reviews on a variety of sites that are outstanding. As with anything we do, we take pride in our quality and cabinet design.  Offering a huge selection of door fronts to choose from or make up your own as well. And, we want to provide value like no other cabinet maker can in Chicago and the surrounding areas.  Our cabinets are made right here in Chicago from the wood chosen. Yes, that’s right, you get to choose the wood as well.

The various woods and finishes combined with the selection of design make every kitchen we build completely custom.   We want to wow you and your guests with an amazing set of cabinets. There are different cabinet fronts to choose from, finishes, hinges and even the thickness of the wood in the drawers.

We have our entire woodworking shop dedicated to using only the highest quality materials. While some may get the lower quality to make extra money, we are committed to the long term relationship we make with you by building only luxury quality cabinets.
Our pricing varies from job to job-based on the finish, size, and many other factors. Call us or book online to get an in-home estimate. Book Online
100%. Absolutely. We are going to custom build your dream cabinets in our workshop and make sure everything is perfect. If you are not satisfied, we will come back and make you 100% happy. Check out our reviews to see how happy our clients are! Reviews 

Are you looking to do a complete remodel?

We don’t offer a service to do a complete remodel.  This is because we focus on what we do best, that is making cabinets.  This is a skill that needs mastering and doing that as well as sink installation takes away from our skill.  So, we leave that up to others. Do you need a general contractor? We have worked with many local area contractors and know first hand of their work.  This helps us to better serve our clients that need a general contractor. Staying focused on one thing helps us perfect our skills. This in return will offer our clients the best cabinets in Chicago.  And, you don’t get that name from doing a poor job. We work with pride and offer excellence that goes above and beyond our customer’s expectations.

But, you don’t have to take our word for it.  Take a look around at the reviews online and you’ll see we do really offer the best cabinets in Chicago.  Our happy customers are leaving nice reviews all over. And, we aren’t just cabinet makers for kitchen and bathrooms.  We can make any kind of custom cabinet, island or workspace you can think up.

The Best Cabinets – Made in Chicago

Have you seen something online that you really liked?  Save the image and show us, we can most likely replicate it and even change out a few features.  Things such as adding drawers or taking off the doors of the cabinet can be changed. Some people like to keep their cabinets closed and things are hidden.  Others love to offer a beautiful display of their dishes. The great thing about us is we can do either. Other door options are glass doors and detailed doors as shown on our doors page.

We offer the best cabinets in Chicago, which does take some time to build.  This is why we do our best to inform our clients about what the lead time will be.   This means that it might seem like we aren’t doing anything for a few weeks but we are.  We are building custom cabinets right in our shop. These cabinets are actually made by us here in Chicago.