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Cabinet Doors Chicago IL

Do your cabinets need a facelift?  We offer custom cabinet doors that can fit onto your current cabinets.  This will give them a fresh new look while saving you the cost of the entire cabinet.  If you are tired of looking at the cabinet doors in Chicago IL, give us a call. We are a locally owned and operated company right here in Chicago.  This helps us to work with you on a more personal level than if you were to order over the internet. We can find that perfect cabinet door look and finish you’ve always wanted.  And, you’ll be getting that look at the fraction of a complete kitchen to remodel.

We have worked on various projects and have made up special designs for a client.  If you have found a cabinet somewhere online that you have to have. We can help you!   We are happy to replicate any design you’ve found in wood. Working with wood for as long as we have allows us to fine-tune our woodworking skills to offer a great service to our clients.  We do, however, also offer amazing cabinet door designs to choose from. And, you can mix and match all you’d like. After all, this is your kitchen, bathroom or living space! And, they come in a variety of finishes to make them just that much more unique.  Getting the perfect look for you and your living space.

We have our entire woodworking shop dedicated to using only the highest quality materials. While some may get the lower quality to make extra money, we are committed to the long term relationship we make with you by building only luxury quality cabinets.
Our pricing varies from job to job-based on the finish, size, and many other factors. Call us or book online to get an in-home estimate. Book Online
100%. Absolutely. We are going to custom build your dream cabinets in our workshop and make sure everything is perfect. If you are not satisfied, we will come back and make you 100% happy. Check out our reviews to see how happy our clients are! Reviews 

Chicago Cabinet Doors

If you are thinking about getting new cabinet doors in Chicago, we are the perfect solution.  We are very friendly and offer top quality cabinet doors. If you’d like to see any of the styles in person, we are happy to offer a sample to view.  Sometimes people are more visual and need to see the style in their home, which is not a problem. Or if you are undecided on the finish, sometimes placing it against your current cabinet can help with this decision.  See the contrast or compliment from the countertops and lighting in person can really help with visual. Getting that perfect look for your space has never been easier. Our crews are happy to answer any questions or concern you might have.  And, we will certainly explain the entire installation process with you before we even begin.

The Cabinet Doors in Chicago Process

Our design process is pretty simple.  First, we need you to book an appointment.  During our appointment, we will come to your home or building where you are interested in some custom work.  We will look at any and all ideas you have saved from looking around on the internet or magazines and come up with some rough ideas.

This first meeting is complimentary and is used for you to decide if you want to move further on this project.  Or you can use this to ask questions and get more information or ideas. The next visit is where we would take measurements, notes, and photos to make the official drawings from.  From there we will make up our drawings, including any appliances and countertops if you have chosen them, this will give you a good visual. We don’t provide those extras, as we are strictly a cabinet shop, but we can put them into your drawing.  Finalizing and sign-offs are the last steps. It generally takes about 10 weeks to complete cabinets. Remember, these are built right here in Chicago, so we have to make the cabinets after we have agreed to what they will look like.